Developer Evangelist

As a developer evangelist, you'll be responsible for growing the developer ecosystem, obtain feedback from the developers and market the Zilliqa protocol and its smart contract language to developers.
About the role
We are looking for a Developer Evangelist to helm our efforts in building out the Zilliqa developer ecosystem. This person will lead the strategy and planning for driving developer adoption of the Zilliqa platform.

Candidates applying for this role are expected to have some developer experience in the past and are expected to spend 1⁄3 of their time coding, writing documentation,helping developers with technical questions and the remaining 2⁄3 of their time in evangelising and developer marketing and outreach. Candidates with no prior background in engineering should not apply for this role.
Job Responsibilities
Growing and managing Zilliqa's online and offline developer communities.
Planning and managing developer-focused events such as hackathons and
You will be expected to speak and evangelize Zilliqa and its smart contract
programming language Scilla.
Helping with documentation and developing sample decentralized apps.
Building a strategic approach and a scalable infrastructure for events (e.g., how can
we build a network of community leads to run events and meetups independently).
Developing onboarding and educational materials for developers.
Liaising with the community to identify and nurture community ambassadors.
Organising developers call on hangouts to engage community developers.
Role Requirements
Some prior experience in coding (particularly JavaScript) is a must and experience in doing basic development of blockchain apps is a plus.
Background or understanding of blockchains is a must.
Experience in growing and managing communities.
Experience with building scalable processes in community or events management.
Ability to communicate with developers and understand their needs, challenges, motivations.
Ability to translate high-level strategy into concrete plans.
Can execute efficiently and effectively.
Ambitious thinker who can think beyond the status quo.
Works well in a team, especially with our developer and developer relations teams.
Willingness to be hands-on whenever needed, e.g. to lead events, handle event logistics, build content.
Good verbal and written communicator.
Native or fluent English speaker.
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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.