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We are a global team of experienced scientists, engineers, venture creators, and industry experts. We share one passion: blockchain and what it can do for people.

The Zilliqa team is a great mix of individuals with expertise in computer science, business and marcom. A team that values excellence but with humility.

Amrit Kumar [AK], President and Chief Scientific Officer

Growth Team
The Growth Team leads research and analysis on market needs and pain-points and identifies opportunities to drive adoption of the Zilliqa platform.
Kenneth Bok
Head of Growth and Strategy
Han Wen Chua
VP, Ecosystem Growth
Michael Conn
Head of Corporate Development
Arnav Vohra
Developer Evangelist
Madison Tang
Growth Analyst
Mervin Ho
Growth Analyst
Marketing Communications Team
The Marcom Team makes sure that Zilliqa's value, identity, and story is highlighted to all our stakeholders and across all prominent platforms.
Colin JG Miles [CJGM]
Head of Marketing
Aparna Narayanan [AN]
Communications Manager
Milan Shoukri
Marketing Manager
Madhav Khandelwal [MMK]
Brand and Product Designer
Ashley Wang
Marketing and Operations Executive

Zilliqa is now transitioning towards Zilliqa 2.0 which will include optimisations to improve throughput capacity, and latency, improved smart contract language, and toolchain support.

Saayan Choudhury, Chief Technology Officer
Platform Team
The Platform Team designs, constructs, and manages the main infrastructure of the Zilliqa platform.
Antonio Nicolas Nunez
Senior VP, Release Management & Platform Engineering
Jun Hao Tan
Senior VP, Security & Platform Engineering
Haichuan Liu
Core Developer
Sandip Bhoir
Core Developer
Kaustubh Shamshery
Core Developer
Joel Lim
DevOps Engineer
Renjie Cai
DevOps Engineer
Language Team
The Language Team designs and maintains our safe-by-design Smart Contract language, Scilla.
Ilya Sergey
Lead Language Designer
Jacob Johannsen
Compiler Engineer
Vaivaswatha Nagaraj
Compiler Developer
Anton Trunov
Research Engineer
Usability Team
The Usability Team maintains the SDKs, IDEs, toolkits, applications, and documentation that dapp developers and end users need.
Lulu Ren
Platform Engineer
Te Ye Yeo
Full Stack Developer
Ovidiu Miclea
Full Stack Developer
Rinat Hasanshin
Fullstack Developer
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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.