Why Build on Zilliqa?

Learn more about our tools, features, and resources to start building on top of our platform.
Zilliqa can handle higher traffic volumes while maintaining strong security and decentralisation.
Low Fees
Transaction costs are exceptionally low in comparison to other blockchain platforms.
Build a safe smart contract by leveraging Zilliqa's safe-by-design language Scilla.

Dev Tooling
Zilliqa offers a rich array of tools for developers to write contracts and test them.
Now that you have watched Ivan on Tech's #4 video on decentralised applications (dApps), architecture core and blockchain packages, contract and account packages, crypto and util packages, working with ZilPay and the GoFundMi dApp, test how well you have absorbed everything by completing this quiz, and stand to be one of the three people to win 10,000 $ZIL and a 'Build on Zilliqa' t-shirt each!

Thank you for participating, submissions are now closed. Do keep an eye for the next one!
Thank you for taking part in this quiz,
we will be in contact if you are one of the lucky winners!
1. What does ZRC stand for?
2. What is ZRC-2?
3. What is the correct way to initialise a new Zilliqa testnet wallet provider?
4. Which contract method is used to call a transition of the current contract?
5. For using the Zilliqa API, which CHAIN_ID would you specify for the developer testnet?
6. Which Zilliqa-js module is 'getAddressFromPrivateKey' a part of?
7. Which of the following is a Bech32 address?
8. Where do you store the balances of various addresses in a ZRC-2 contract?
9. Which browser object would a wallet like ZilPay normally inject a web3 object into?
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Dev Portal
This is a one stop portal that provides all the tools needed to help you get started. It provides easy access to write, share, and collaborate with other developers.
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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.