Aqilliz leads the charge in driving adoption of the Zilliqa platform
5 Things You Should Know About Aqilliz
Aqilliz is an application layer company
Aqilliz is an application layer company that will exclusively use our blockchain as its infrastructure provider for its clients. The name 'Aqilliz' is 'Zilliqa' spelt in reverse. Two companies, one mission - that's basically the idea.
Aqilliz helps to scale up adoption
Aqilliz is driven to scale up adoption on our platform by onboarding clients that will use Zilliqa's smart contract functionality. Ultimately, boosting adoption is a shared goal and will benefit both entities.
Aqilliz facilitates a fairer ecosystem
Addressing sector-specific challenges in the field of digital marketing, Aqilliz will facilitate a fairer ecosystem underwritten by greater trust, transparency, and convenience. Aqilliz will use our infrastructure to restore the balance between brands, platforms, and consumers.
Aqilliz's CEO is a familiar face
Aqilliz is led by advertising and blockchain expert Gowthaman Ragothaman, who joined from Mindshare in October 2019. Mindshare was one of our partners in the Project Proton pilot.
Aqilliz enables Zilliqa to focus on growing the developer community
In the meantime, we will continue to drive platform adoption by providing a comprehensive suite of developer tools and incentivising developers to build decentralised applications, which include Open Finance, gaming and entertainment, to name a few.
Gowthaman Ragothaman (G'man)
CEO Aqilliz

'Leveraging the power of Zilliqa's high-throughput blockchain platform, Aqilliz aims to unlock authentic value for all stakeholders through the principles of trust, transparency, and convenience.'

A first time for everything
Aqilliz is the first application layer company that exclusively teams up with a public blockchain.
Aqilliz and Zilliqa in the news
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