Driving adoption in Japan

4 Things You Should Know About Asteria

Asteria is a Japanese software company
Asteria Corporation is a Japanese enterprise software company which builds a variety of middleware products to help enterprises with internal business automation. It also builds end-user products for content sharing, management and collaboration, IoT device management for enterprises and many others. The company has recently expanded into offering digital design studio services for businesses to better operate in the digital economy.
Asteria and Zilliqa work together on adoption in Japan
Zilliqa Research and Asteria Corporation will promote our platform on Asteria Warp - a data integration middleware product. Both companies will also launch a series of initiatives to support the development of enterprise DApps based on Zilliqa and Asteria Warp.
Zilliqa developed a connectivity adapter for Asteria Warp
As of August 2019, we have completed the Zilliqa adapter for Asteria Warp Flow Designer. With this adapter, enterprises using Asteria Warp will be able to create and customize Fungible token smart contract, and deploy the Fungible token smart contract onto our testnet and mainnet. The adapter comes with a user guide on how to install and use the adapter.
Asteria promotes our blockchain through their sales channels
Asteria Corporation will add Zilliqa in the list of blockchain adoption consulting and promote our blockchain through their sales channels.
Big in Japan
Asteria Warp currently has more than 6,500 enterprise customers and 41% market share in Japan.
Asteria has recorded JP¥ 2,275.34 million (USD 22 million) revenues.
Asteria's sales revenue was JP¥1.4 billion (USD 14 million) year ended March 31, 2017.
Asteria and Zilliqa in the news
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