Ensuring your smart contracts can access real-world data

5 Things You Should Know About Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle network
Chainlink is a decentralised oracle network that securely and reliably connects smart contracts to off-chain resources such as existing payment gateways, data APIs, IoT, cloud infrastructure, and other blockchains. They launched their mainnet on 30 May 2019. Chainlink has Google as an official Cloud Partner and banking technology provider SWIFT on their side.
Chainlink enriches our infrastructure
We've got a fully functional smart contracts platform ready. What comes next is enriching its infrastructure to keep pace with high technology needs and expectations stemming across different industries. One of these things we need is access to live, real-time data, a feature which is not enabled at the protocol-level.
Chainlink provides access to real-world data
With this integration, smart contracts on the Zilliqa network can easily retrieve and query external data feeds through the custom Chainlink adapter. This gives those building on us access to real-time information such as exchange rates, market prices, and weather forecasts — to name a few.
Chainlink contributes to decentralisation
As a result of connecting with the Chainlink network, our smart contracts become more secure, robust, and decentralised. There is no single point of failure, and the risk of errors are mitigated as no humans are in charge of updating feeds manually.
Chainlink enables Decentralised Finance
The value proposition to our developer community will be huge. This improved solution opens up the doors to expanding the Decentralised Finance (DeFI) industry, which is reliant on high quality and frequent data.
Chainlink in numbers
More than 80+ projects, data providers, networks, etc. have committed to using Chainlink oracles.
Chainlink is blockchain agnostic. This means it can be used to provide oracle services to any blockchain.
Chainlink and Zilliqa in the news
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