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5 Things You Should Know About ChainSecurity

ChainSecurity develops custom security solutions for blockchain projects
ChainSecurity is a Swiss company now a part of PwC which provides security services and develops custom security solutions for blockchain projects. ChainSecurity identifies security vulnerabilities and verifies the functional correctness of mission-critical smart contracts, blockchain platforms, and protocols, aided by its state-of-the-art security tools.
ChainSecurity is rooted in academic research
Much like Zilliqa, ChainSecurity has academic roots. It is a spin-off from ETH Zurich, the #1 ranked university in Europe. Our relationship with them goes back to 2017, when they provided security audits following our initial development phases of the Zilliqa platform.
ChainSecurity develops security tools and resources
ChainSecurity will develop a host of security tools and resources for the Zilliqa ecosystem. Among these is the extensible static analysis framework and security scanner. Both will improve the developer experience of building on Zilliqa, helping them identify security vulnerabilities and design issues through automated analysis.
ChainSecurity plays a vital role in future smart contract development
Over time, these features will help the Zilliqa community to easily add more relevant security checks and identify vulnerability patterns so that they can follow best practices for smart contract development.
Follow-up collaborations with ChainSecurity already outlined
We have already outlined follow-up collaborations which will target the development of additional security tools for the Zilliqa ecosystem.
ChainSecurity in numbers
ChainSecurity is a partner of choice for over 75 clients in the blockchain industry.
The company has already secured over 1 billion USD for clients (e.g. stable coins and decentralised exchanges) and multinational organizations (e.g. banks).
ChainSecurity and Zilliqa in the news
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