Non-custodial blockchain-agnostic cryptocurrency wallet

5 Things You Should Know About Moonlet Wallet

Moonlet is an all-in-one solution
The main purpose of the wallet is to provide an asset management tool for blockchain networks. You can therefore think of Moonlet as a blockchain-agnostic, cross-platform, non-custodial wallet that will help token holders to simply manage their assets in a fast and secure way.
Moonlet is a portal to a decentralised world
Moonlet supports dapps developers to overcome the complexity of building non-custodial blockchain agnostic cross-platform dapps by providing Native and JavaScript SDKs. It aggregates blockchain building blocks and services into one powerful and reliable middleware solution.
Moonlet is user-friendly and available for all
The wallet covers both mobile and web environments (i.e. iOS, Android and most browsers) and focuses on providing a great customer experience. Users are also able to interact with multiple blockchain platforms within Moonlet and there will be no need to manage a multitude of recovery phrases.
Moonlet is non-custodial and secure
Moonlet gives users full control over their funds and is much safer and more secure in comparison to many other wallets. The wallet went through several security audit phases, been tested through many bounty programs, and will continue to be improved during its lifecycle.
The team behind Moonlet
The Moonlet team has been working in the blockchain space for many years now and has a background in software product management and software development. They have worked together for various companies before becoming entrepreneurs, knowing each other for over 6 years.
Moonlet in numbers
2018 is the year when Moonlet started to collaborate with Zilliqa to develop its wallet.
It took only 2 months to deliver a new version of the Moonlet (alpha) wallet for iOS, Android, and web.
$350k is the strategic investment amount the team has received to push Moonlet to the next level and build a sustainable model.

Moonlet and Zilliqa in the news
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