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William Cho of The Boba Shop here. I am a long time supporter of Zilliqa. My shop accepts $ZIL and other cryptocurrencies for a big discount. If you are ever in the San Francisco area, don't be shy and stop by our bubble tea shop!
Meet our global community
Community is the core of any blockchain project and Zilliqa is no exception. Our community is composed of developers, miners, and enthusiasts who see blockchains as a means for a decentralised future.
'I believe blockchain technology will be omnipresent in the future. It will be part of our daily life, without us even realising it. For me, Zilliqa is like a bridge that connects us to that future.'

Domen Trontelj
'The quality of a blockchain is measured in terms of its decentralisation, scalability, and security. When investing in cryptocurrencies, the transparency and capabilities of the team, is what guides this revolutionary technology. It was a simple decision to choose Zilliqa as it excels in everything written above.'
Matthew Dyer
United Kingdom
'Like so many I went down the crypto rabbit hole in January 2018, and Zilliqa's vision really resonated with me. I'm really proud to be part of the Zilliqa family and I'm looking forward to seeing what Zilliqa enables for the world.'

J.G. Whitley
'Zilliqa popped up on my radar in late February 2018. I was taken in by their exhaustive research, which was only matched by their integrity of mission and the diligence to see it through.'

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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.