Scilla := Our smart contract language
Safety first.
Scilla (short for Smart Contract Intermediate-Level Language) is a smart contract language developed for the Zilliqa blockchain.
Smart contracts make it possible for mutually distrusting parties to execute an agreement with efficiency and transparency without the need of an arbitrator.
4 Things You Should Know About Scilla
Rooted in science
Scilla is a peer-reviewed smart contract language created by academics from the ground up. It has been designed as a principled language with smart contract safety in mind.
Identifies security risks
An extensible static analysis framework and an automated scanner is provided to help developers identify generic security vulnerabilities directly at the language level.
Easier to write safe contracts
Scilla provides developers with more sanity-checkers in addition to static type-checkers. This makes comprehensive testing much easier.
Mathematical proof of safety
Scilla is amenable to formal verification, meaning you can write mathematical proofs to prove that a given contract satisfies certain safety properties.
Ilya Sergey, Lead Language Designer

'Scilla is now bringing the power of type-safe functional programming to the world's most advanced sharded blockchain protocol.'

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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.