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Design Assets
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Colour Palette

Here's a guide of our official brand colours.
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Fact Sheet

Since its inception, Zilliqa has had quite an incredible journey in the blockchain world and has enjoyed many milestones. If you're new to our community or, looking to cover a story, you may find these fundamental Zilliqa facts useful.
Leadership Photos & Bios
Amrit Kumar
Co-founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer
Amrit Kumar is the President, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Zilliqa. Focusing predominantly on areas of security, privacy and applied cryptography, Amrit's research has been widely published at conferences such as IEEE/IFIP and IFIP TC-11 SEC. Amrit received his PhD from Université Grenoble-Alpes, France and was hosted at Inria's Grenoble center. Prior to his PhD, Amrit obtained a Master's Degree in Security, Cryptology and Coding of Information Systems from École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et Mathématiques Apliquées de Grenoble, France.
Max Kantelia
Max Kantelia is the Co-Founder of Zilliqa. A serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, Max has built technology product and solution companies for the financial services industry across three continents. In 2016, Max was named as one of Asia's Top 100 FinTech Contributors by EY. Max is also a mentor on the London Mayor's International Business Programme, which supports fast-growing fintech companies with their international expansion strategies. Max was part of the London Business School Enterprise 100 and is also currently a board member at untapt, the AI based recruitment platform, and Aeriandi, the secure voice technology company. Max enjoys fine food and wine, anything automotive, and tennis.

Colin JG Miles
Co-CEO and Chief Commercial Officer
Colin JG Miles is the Chief Commercial Officer at Zilliqa. Previously, Colin served as Zilliqa's Head of Marketing where he was responsible for marketing strategy and community engagement initiatives. A seasoned entrepreneur who has built companies across Southeast Asia and Europe, Colin is a technology, media, and telecom (TMT) veteran. Prior to joining Zilliqa, Colin held a series of senior leadership roles across the digital marketing, mobile marketing, and publishing sectors. Colin serves on the board of several companies including NextID, a blockchain-powered certificate issuance service and AdStamp, a Singapore-based digital agency focusing on crypto-related campaigns. Colin is the Chairman Emeritus of Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) Asia and is a regular competition judge at GSMA's annual Global Mobile Awards as well as at TotalTele's World Communication Awards.
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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.