Research and Development
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Mainnet is up and running.
So what's next?

R&D is at the heart of every successful and growing project. At Zilliqa, it has contributed to our constant growth, our sustainability as a platform, and kept us abreast of blockchain innovation in a competitive market. Our team is currently working on several R&D projects that involve improving the core infrastructure for an optimised Zilliqa 2.0, better smart contract language and tooling support for dapp developers.
Project Lifecycle
Each R&D project undergoes different phases that involve defining the problem statement, conducting research, writing the specifications, and implementing it.
Problem statement and objectives defined
Problem or feature addition has been identified and the objective has been defined.
Research and ideation
In-depth research and feasibility study has been completed. The research or engineering solution has been architected.
Proposal drafted
A formal specification of the feature or architecture is being drafted to be later proposed as a Zilliqa Improvement Proposal (ZIP).
Proposal under review
The first version of the draft is published in the public domain for review.
Approved for implementation
The proposal has been approved for implementation. Any change, suggestion, or recommendation has been addressed. The specification is ready for implementation.
Implementation in progress
Solution based on the approved formal specification is being implemented at the moment.
Live on testnet
Implementation has been deployed on the Zilliqa Testnet.
Live on mainnet
Implementation has been deployed on the Zilliqa Mainnet.
Core Infrastructure Projects
Zilliqa's core infrastructure is composed of the network and the consensus layer. We are constantly refactoring this infrastructure to improve modularity, maintainability, robustness, scalability, and latency. Through the addition of new features such as staking and privacy, we aim to create broader value for users in the near future.
Improving robustness
Making the protocol more
resilient and robust.
Efficient backend for
persistent storage
Makes reading and writing
of smart contract states faster.
Decentralisation of
storage layer
Improving the storage layer
for historical data.
System fuzzing
Testing of the system to detect potential bugs.
Support for zk-SNARKS
Adding privacy features to Zilliqa.
Layer 2
Building a state channel infrastructure or an off-chain computing layer.
Scilla Projects
Languages have always evolved over time, and programming languages such as Scilla are no exception. At present, we are working on making Scilla and the formal verification of contracts more developer-friendly and its execution engine more performant.
Efficient backend for Scilla
Making Scilla contracts run faster.
High-level language constructs for Scilla
Making Scilla friendlier.
Formal verification of Scilla contracts
Making Scilla contracts verifiable.
Other Projects
In order to make our tools more accessible and convenient for dapp developers, we have joined hands with the community to develop a comprehensive resource hub. This will include well-structured reference documents, IDE plugins, testing and deployment frameworks, SDKs to connect with the network, and reusable app and template contracts.
SDKs and dev toolchains
Developing toolkits to make it easier to develop dapps and improving general developer user experience.
System documentation
Documenting the infrastructure for better engagement with open source developers.
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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.