The Living Legend
Terence Allen 'Bud' Crawford is an American boxing legend, and the Number #1 Pound-For-Pound Boxer in the world.

Undefeated for 7 years, he's a three-time winner of the prestigious WBO Championship and has picked up numerous accolades in WBA, IBF, WBO, and WBC series for some truly historic fights.
Fans - don't miss the chance to own a piece of true GREATNESS and celebrate Terence's foray into the crypto arena. Here's a preview of the NFT!
Kicking off with the introductory GREATNESS NFT today, the series will feature a dozen other audio-visual NFT creations, symbolising the 12-rounds of all professional boxing matches.

GREATNESS is now available for purchase via a blind auction with a starting bid of USD 250,000. It will be sold along with memorabilia autographed by Terence "Bud" Crawford, the greatest fighter of them all.
Greatness Collector Package
The Lucky Buyer will also receive some truly special gifts along with their unique NFT, including:
Limited Edition, Autographed pair of TBC boxing gloves
Two Floor seats to Bud's upcoming major boxing match
Two round-trip flights to the destination city of upcoming major boxing match
Meet & Greet experience with Bud prior to the fight
Two Unreleased TBC Blue velour tracksuits
Personalized social media shoutout from Bud!
Auction Guidelines

GREATNESS will be sold via a blind auction. This means you will not have visibility over competing bids. You only got one shot to place a knockout bid. Make it a striking punch.
Starting bid for the Greatness NFT
The auction will open with a base minimum price of USD 250,000.
Auction duration & rules
Place your bid through the below form and make sure you fill out all the requested details. We will be accepting only one bid per person until 17 April 23.59 UTC time.
Payment processing
The highest bidder will be contacted for an additional KYC and asked to transfer the funds within 48 hours.
Final purchase
The top bidder will be contacted to complete the purchase. If we are unable to reach him/her or if this person is unable to make the payment in 48 hours, the offer will automatically go to the second highest bidder (and so on).