How the Art & Culture Sector can leverage NFTs
Join us and learn how you can benefit from this latest frontier for creative expression.
About the Event
This event , co-hosted by Zilliqa and the National Gallery of Singapore's Y-Lab, will present a broad overview on the trending concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Leading technologists and artists will help us deconstruct the impact of NFTs and what gives it value, taking artists through its commercial and aesthetic possibilities. NFTs are certainly making waves across the art and culture sector - in Southeast Asia and beyond! Join us to learn more.
WHO will benefit from this event?
The event is curated specifically for artists, creators and visionaries from all walks of life!
be a part of the future
NFTs are defining a new contemporary art movement that comprises of various types of art.

If you are involved in traditional fine arts, digital art and design, photography, dance, music, writing, theatre or film - don't miss this event. It will help you expand your reach, tap into new revenue models, and be part of an exciting new digital opportunity!
Featured Speakers
We're joined by leading technologists and passionate artists, who will paint us a picture of the NFT possibilities...
Kevin Lim
Deputy Director, Co:Lab X, National Gallery Singapore
Simon Siah
Innovation Consultant, National Gallery of Singapore/ Y-Lab
Colin JG Miles
Chief Commercial Officer, Zilliqa
Zack Burks
CEO, Mintable
Shelly Soneja
Concept Artist and Gallery Director of Narra
Hafiiz Karim
Digital Art Director & Artist
Fabin Rasheed
Designer & Creative Technologist, Adobe India
Joyce Toh
Co-Founder, ARTO
Belinda Ang
Co-Founder, ARTO
Shengen Lim
Singaporean Artist
Bill Claxton
Founder, NextID
Event Organisers
Y- Lab is a unique Art x Tech convergence product innovation lab, housed in one of the largest museums in Southeast Asia - National Gallery Singapore.
Zilliqa is a leading blockchain platform that is fuelling the creator economy. Our high-performance technology and marketplace helps people list, buy, sell and trade NFTs securely and easily.
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