ZILHive Programme
Learn, Build, and Accelerate
Our wider ecosystem's growth and meaningful development is critical to our platform's success. To grow the ecosystem and expand our reach, we developed a three-track programme called ZILHive.

ZILHive Grants
To encourage the development and adoption of applications that are built on Zilliqa, a pool of $5 million USD will be given to great projects, teams, and individuals to start building tools and applications, and conduct research for our platform.
Targeted to developers who wish to create development toolings, regulatory frameworks, analytics tools, higher-level SDKs, or Layer-2 protocols for the Open Finance ecosystem.
Targeted to entrepreneurs who wish to create dapps on the Zilliqa blockchain. Priority will be given to innovative applications that tokenise real-world assets, enable issuance of digital identity, or enable exchange of goods and services in a digital marketplace.
Research topics include, but are not limited to, cryptography, consensus design, scalability, and privacy.
ZILHive Grants in numbers
We have completed 6 waves of the ZILHive Grants programme, and are currently accepting applications for our 6th wave.
We have funded over 70 exciting, innovative and visionary projects that are setting great examples for the benefits of blockchain.
We welcome global participation, and have funded participants from 22 different countries within the programme.
Grant Awardees
We are proud to have identified many talented grantees within the ZILHive programme (previously known as the Ecosystem Grants Programme). Each of these teams has provided excellent infrastructure and business ideas, which will help expand the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Han Wen Chua, Vice-President Ecosystem Growth

'At its core, Zilliqa is a community-led project. In our new phase of growth, we've created ZILHive to draw upon this energy and call on people and organisations to help us accelerate both adoption and awareness around blockchains.'

ZILHive Accelerator
ZILHive Accelerator is a startup accelerator program that helps high-potential blockchain startups
to grow out their business. Five selected projects will be guaranteed grant funding of US$20,000 upon completion of the incubation program. The next ZILHive Accelerator programme is expected to open for registration around early Q3 2020.
ZILHive x LongHash Demo Day 2019
In collaboration with LongHash Ventures, Zilliqa is proud to present to you ZILHive Accelerator's Demo Day 2019, the result of a 12-week incubation programme.

ZILHive Education
To most of the world, blockchain is still a mystery. Awareness-building and education are thus critical elements of driving this industry forward. At Zilliqa, we are committed to providing resources to support burgeoning talent and help them develop their ideas on blockchains.
Learn Scilla
Interested in learning how to code in Scilla? Do visit our Learn Scilla website, which features step-by-step instructions and resources which can help you write smart contracts in our language in no time!
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Blockchain A-Z
Blockchain A-Z is a series of interactive workshops conducted in collaboration with top universities. Designed to provide a foundational understanding of blockchain fundamentals, these workshops delve into technical aspects, industry updates, philosophical foundations, and shares a business overview of blockchains.
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© 2020 Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd.