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Decentralised finance

Decentralised finance (DeFi) is an umbrella term for financial applications on the blockchain.

DeFi allows you to engage with financial market products and services, which are open to everyone, transparent, censorship-resistant, and easy to use.

You'll be in charge as no single centralised party can control your assets.

Let's get started

Start your DeFi journey in three simple steps.


Pick a wallet

A DeFi compatible wallet allows you to store ZIL and other ZRC-2 tokens, helping you access relevant products and services.


Get tokens

Load your wallet with ZIL or any applicable token or stablecoin.


Use DeFi apps

Now decide what DeFi app you want to use and start exploring its peer-to-peer possibilities.

What is DeFi?

Decentralised finance (DeFi) is a new financial system built on the blockchain, eliminating the need for centralised third parties such as banks.

Instead, it relies on smart contracts to oversee and power trustless transactions.

Decentralised finance

  • Open to everyone
  • You control your assets
  • Borderless transactions
  • Trustless and transparent
  • Uncensorable

Traditional finance

  • Difficult to access
  • Money is controlled by third parties
  • Limited opening hours
  • Lacks transparency
  • Censorable and prone to fraud

Billions of people remain unbanked

DeFi apps serve everyone, regardless of their bank balance, salary, or credit rating.

DeFi needs builders

DeFi relies upon the creativity and innovation of the Zilliqa community to succeed.

Join our network and help us build a secure decentralised future for everyone.

Create and deploy your DeFi app

Why use DeFi services on Zilliqa?

By using the Zilliqa blockchain, you can benefit from speedy transactions, low transaction costs, a fast-growing ecosystem, and developer-friendly interfaces.

dApps on Zilliqa

Our DeFi roster boasts big names such as Switcheo Labs, ZilSwap, XCAD DEX, Pillar Protocol, ZilPay, LunarCRUSH, Moonlet, Zillion, and more.

Zilliqa continues to invest millions into DeFi projects

Zilliqa’s ecosystem enables DeFi apps, including lending services, DEXes, stablecoins, and asset marketplaces.

The easiest way to use DeFi is to stake your ZIL