dApps built
on Zilliqa

What is a dApp?

Decentralised applications (dApps) allow you to leverage all the benefits of blockchain and apply them to traditional sectors.

dApps are disrupting business models worldwide, providing faster and smarter alternatives to creative industries, banking, gaming, and community building.

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Change your world
using ZIL

dApps allow you to interact and engage with your users with no single entity having complete control.

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How to use a dApp

(dApps require ZIL to pay for transactions)

Why use dApps?

Open access

Anyone with access to a web3 wallet can use dApps built on Zilliqa with no KYC required in a trustless environment.

Censorship free

dApps are censorship-resistant, so no one can prevent you from accessing them on Zilliqa.

Governed by code

dApps on Zilliqa run autonomously on our decentralised network using smart contract logic.

Stay anonymous

Using a web3 wallet helps keep your personal information private.

Using dApps

From decentralised banking to minting NFTs, you can explore blockchain's possibilities with Zilliqa.