Zilliqa pioneered sharding technology in 2017 using a peer-to-peer approach, solving one of the most complex blockchain challenges.

Our experienced engineering team are constantly improving our core infrastructure and providing support for dApp developers.

Why research matters to Zilliqa

Zilliqa Research is a world leader in blockchain-sharding infrastructure and is renowned for its safe-by-design smart contract language.

Since blockchain technology happens at breakneck speed, there's a tendency to build fast, break things and introduce fixes along the way.

At Zilliqa, we don't believe that's the right approach.

We believe blockchain applications should be subject to peer-to- peer academic scrutiny to help ensure protocols are safe for the applications built on them.

Our research and development
Distributed Systems (DS)
Programming Languages (PL)
Scalability (S)
Verification (V)

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Working with Zilliqa

If you're a researcher with experience in blockchain technology, distributed systems, and applied cryptography, we'd love to hear from you at careers@zilliqa.com