Scilla is made for DeFi

Things you should know about Scilla

Scilla is short for smart contract intermediate-level language and has been designed specifically for the Zilliqa blockchain.



Scilla is a peer-reviewed smart contract language and supports the world's most advanced sharded protocol.

Fewer security risks

Scilla's static analysis framework and automated scanner allow developers to identify generic security vulnerabilities more easily.

Safer contracts

Scilla's strong type system makes it easier to write bug-free code.

Proof of mathematical safety

Scilla is inspired by functional programming languages such as OCaml, making it amenable to formal verification, i.e. automated mathematical proofs of safety properties.
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Chapter 2
9 lessons
Chapter 3
15 lessons
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Why Scilla is the safest smart contract language
Hard to write bugs by accident
Guaranteed termination
Amenable to formal verification
Designed for safety
Making sense of Scilla
Why do we need a new smart contract language?

Amrit Kumar, Zilliqa’s president, explains why a new smart contract language is necessary to write securely on the blockchain.

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Scilla vs Libra’s Move (beginner)

Understanding smart contracts can be challenging, so here we explain the difference between Move and Scilla for beginners.

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Scilla vs Libra’s Move (advanced)

If you're already familiar with smart contracts, learn about Scilla and Move's implementations and how they differ from each other.

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Scilla’s compiled backend

Discover how we are working on a compiled backend for Scilla that will lower smart contract processing times in the future.

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Cashflow smart contract analyser

Explore Scilla’s analysis tool 'Cashflow Analyser' that detects and identifies the misappropriation of funds in smart contracts.

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Introducing Scilla procedures

Find out how Scilla procedures allow developers to write reusable pieces of code.

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