Secure the Zilliqa

Eco-friendly staking with Zilliqa

Staking is a greener and more sustainable way to secure the blockchain. Using Zilliqa, you can earn rewards for your service to its network and ecosystem.

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earning rewards with ZIL

Staking ZIL is a great way to earn rewards for decentralising the Zilliqa network.

Let's get started

Choose your wallet and staking seed node operator (SSN) and power the Zilliqa network while earning rewards.

How to stake

Choose a wallet
Choose staking platform
Select staking seed node operator (SSN)

Choose staking platform

Connect your wallet and start staking using our elegant Zillion portal. Alternatively, download apps such as Moonlet or Atomic Wallet and stake your ZIL directly.


Select a seed node operator (SSN)

Once you select your staking platform, get to know our trusted seed node operators and choose who you'd like to stake with.

Introduction to staking